Camille Russell - Barbados


Camille Russell

  How has the MITP Advanced your Career options?

  As an MITP graduate I am now well aware of the global economy and how the Caribbean has feared (and fits) into such a system.  As a result of this, not only am i able to understand the Caribbean perspective, but i can now share   this perspective with those who hope to understand the position of small island developing states, as well as use the knowledge i've gained to been cognisant of trends and opportunities in the global trade system to enhance the      trade position of such small islands. This has opened the door for several career options including Trade Researcher, Trade Policy Analyst, Trade Advisor, and Entrepreneurship (particularly as it relates to trade in services).


Latoya Williams - Suriname



Latoya Williams  How has the MITP Advanced your Career options?

  MITP has definitely enhanced my professional profile. Upon completion, I    gained a wealth of  knowledge regarding trade, especially about the region as well  as understanding the vital importance of regional integration.  After my        three-   month internship, I was able to successfully apply for a position as a policy officer   with a focus on trade in services.  

  Position: Policy Officer- Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism,   Suriname (MTI&T)



Elihu Wahid - Barbados

Elihu Wahid  How has the MITP Advanced your Career options?

  MITP has allowed me to specialize my talents. This has made me more attractive within my chosen path of work. In addition the practical nature of the program has allowed me to hit the ground running with minimal training       necessary for the field of international trade.



Cherise Trotman - Barbados


cheriseHow has the MITP Advanced your Career options?

 MITP has given me an enthusiasm and a focus for not only trade but boosting the Caribbean’s trade performance.  I have been quite successful in my job hunt by leveraging my MITP experience when crafting my applications. My favourite courses have become my strongest selling points ( e.g Intellectual Property Rights and/or Regional Integration).  Given my previous studies in International Studies & Economics, the MITP degree has definitely complimented my academic and professional profile.



Lydia Dariah - St. Lucia

Lydia DariahHow has the MITP Advanced your Career options?

After my successful completion of the MITP, I returned to my substantive post as Information Clerk at the Ministry of External Affairs, St. Lucia. Fortunately within a few months I was promoted to Head of the Information Department of the Ministry of Commerce as a result of my knowledge and training in the field of International Trade Policy. My responsibilities included, inter alia, undertaking research on Trade and Commerce and working with the Trade Consultant on trade-related matters. Additionally, having done my research paper on Trade in Services in the CSME and an internship at the CSME Unit in Barbados, I also got integrally involved with the implementation of the CSME regimes. I was therefore able to apply my knowledge directly to my work.


Jamila Greene - Trinidad


jamila greene colour How has the MITP Advanced your Career options? 

MITP got my foot into the door in the field of international business development because of the multi-dimensional skill sets the program gave us. 

Akeilia Samuel - St. Vincent and The Grenadines

 akeila samuel1How has the MITP Advanced your Career options?

 By design, the programme has broadened my career opportunities, as each of the MITP courses are a career option. With this degree I can seek employment in a variety of fields including regional integration, competition law and e-commerce. Of course, I will need more credentials and work experience to practice.


Joel Richards - St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Joel Richards

How has the Masters in International Trade Policy (MITP) advanced your career options?


There is a direct correlation between my current employment and the MITP Programme. Prior to enrolling in the MITP, I worked with a small private sector trade research organisation. Trade is a highly specialised area and for the more senior positions, individuals with Masters Degrees or higher are usually preferred. Therefore, when a Consultancy post became available within the organisation, I was ineligible to apply since I did not hold a Masters Degree. However, immediately upon completing the MITP, the same Consultancy post became available, I was eligible to apply and I was successful in getting the job.

Shalisha Samuel - St. Vincent and The Grenadines

Shalisha Samuels1How has the MITP Advanced your career options?

Previous to the programme I felt stuck and limited in my career options and knew I needed to advance my academic qualifications should I want to enter the international field. The degree undoubtedly boosts your cv as it speaks volumes of your capability and knowledge. In doing my thesis for example, I conducted primary research, due to limited data, and had the opportunity to meet my future peers. Therefore, when I sought out employment I had already done part of the interview; these individuals are who I work with today.

Danielle Maycock - Barbados

Danielle_Maycocks_PhotoHow has MITP advanced my career options?

I am an Attorney-at-law with the largest law firm in Barbados. Our firm's clients range from individuals to large corporations. The MITP programme has allowed me to strengthen the firm's competitive advantage when advising clients in the areas of competition law and intellectual property law, and other matters relating to international trade.


Xolile Ngwenya - Swaziland

Xolile Ngwenya

How has the MITP advanced your career options?

Before the qualification, I worked in the same department as I do now, but did not comprehend the trade jargon, concepts and general issues governing trade, hence the urgent need on my part, to do a Masters in International Trade.

Matthew Barrett - U. S. A

Matthew_BarrettHow has the MITP Advanced your career options?

Well, since I just landed a job with a small firm that specialized in product development throughout the Caribbean, Stansfeld Scott, I would have to say the MITP program had everything to do with me getting this job. From the knowledge I gained about the region in the classroom, everyday interaction with the international composition of students, and extensive research conducted for my final paper, I have been able to land an extraordinary job that correlates well with the academic and practical parts of the program.




  • Aurelia BruceClass of 2013, Research Officer, Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Services Industries
  • Kayla GrantClass of 2013, Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Crystal LiverpoolClass of 2013, Policy Development Specialist, Ministry of Trade, Investment and Communications, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Amilin Mendez Class of 2013, Consultant, UWI Consulting and Barbados Coalition of Services Industries
  • Darren Moore-SampsonClass of 2013, Associate Professional, Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communication
  • Akilah ProcopeClass of 2013, Market Analyst, Toyota Trinidad and Tobago Ltd
  • Alana ReillyClass of 2013, Research officer, Caribbean Export Development Agency
  • Welete WickhamClass of 2013
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